West Kirby flats plan demolished by council planning committee

  Posted: 20.12.21 at 09:33 by George Morgan

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A plan for new flats in Wirral has been thrown out over fears it would dominate a neighbouring home.

Wirral Council’s Planning Committee rejected Blueoak Estates’ plan for six flats at 11 Caldy Road in West Kirby, Wirral, amid concerns it would be overbearing.

The developer has already had a plan for six flats at 7 Caldy Road approved.

Some councillors said the plan for 11 Caldy Road should be blocked as it would mean number nine would be dominated by two blocks of flats if the proposal was accepted.

Conservative councillor Jenny Johnson, who represents West Kirby and Thurstaston, said the flats would be overbearing and would cause a loss of daylight and sunlight for those living at 9 Caldy Road.

Fellow Tory Andrew Gardner was against the plan and thought it was “ridiculous”, as it would see a bungalow located in between two much bigger buildings.

How the flats proposed for 11 Caldy Road might have looked

A statement read out on behalf of Jon Suckley, from Blueoak Estates, said the building did respect the height of adjacent properties and that large plots in Wirral need to be developed to make a positive contribution to the housing supply.

But Labour’s Paul Stuart said that if this was proposed in his Seacombe ward nobody would object to it.

While Steve Foulkes, his Labour colleague, said he had a tiny garden and moved around it if he wanted to be in the sun, adding “that’s what normal people do”.

But Heswall councillor Kathy Hodson, a Conservative, hit back at remarks from Labour councillors, saying she came to committee with an open mind and she would be just as concerned about this application if it was in Seacombe.

Chair of the committee, Liberal Democrat Stuart Kelly, also rejected the plan, saying it could leave the residents of 9 Caldy Road feeling “boxed in”.

In the end, Labour also voted against the plan, but Cllr Foulkes said he was worried the vote could set a precedent for a two-tier planning system where someone’s sunlight is more important than someone else’s.

But Cllr Hodson rejected his claim, saying she does not vote in this way.

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