New cafe-restaurant mooted for West Kirby's Wirral Sailing Centre

  Posted: 30.04.21 at 18:54 by George Morgan

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A new restaurant with “excellent” views could be coming to West Kirby.

Alan Wright, hospitality manager for the venue, discussed his plans in a meeting of Wirral Council’s Licensing Panel yesterday, set up to consider granting the premises an alcohol licence.

Mr Wright explained that he was looking to bring a cafe/restaurant to Wirral Sailing Centre in West Kirby, with the alcohol licence to run from midday-10.30pm everyday and doors to close 30 minutes later.

The hospitality manager said the premises would function as a cafe until 5pm and a restaurant after that, with the key strength of “beautiful” views of the River Dee.

Mr Wright said food from local butchers will be used, as well as locally sourced fruit, vegetables and gin.

He also said there will not be a ‘vertical drinking’ model, where revenues are generated from selling large amounts of alcohol, at the premises, and drunk and disorderly behaviour will not be tolerated.

However, given the upmarket nature of the venue Mr Wright did not think this would be a problem.

Another key pledge he made was to shut the outside balcony area at 9pm every night to avoid excessive late night noise.

Concluding his remarks, Mr Wright said he wanted to make the venue something for the people of West Kirby to be proud of.

There were four representations relating to the proposal from local residents, these included concerns about possible anti-social behaviour.

Local resident Andrew Hodgson said he hoped a third or more of the first floor would be preserved for the sailing centre.

Mr Wright said he wanted the centre to have a space on the large first floor and that it was a firm part of his plans.

The committee’s decision on the licensing application is due to be revealed after five working days from yesterday's meeting.

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