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What’s On in Heswall and district this weekend?

Posted: 06.01.22 by Lottie Lightfoot Local Features

Looking for something to do this weekend? Check out these events happening in and around Heswall, plus a must-see movie in Liverpool - and some must-w...

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Got a Heswall and district event coming up? Spread the word with our What's On section...

Posted: 29.12.21 by Mark Gorton Local Features

2022 may usher in restrictions if COVID-19 hospital admissions continue to rise as a result of the fast-spreading Omicron variant. So this brief ap...

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Gawain, the Green Knight - and the wyldrenesse of wyrale

Posted: 25.12.21 by Mark Gorton Local Features

Feel free to click or tap through the images above. September brought the release in the UK of a movie called The Green Knight. It should ha...

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Time to take advantage of Heswall Dales?

Posted: 24.12.21 by Mark Gorton Local Features

It’s easy to forget that Heswall boasts a 72 acre Site of Special Scientific Interest, or SSSI, which is an increasingly rare example of Lowland Hea...

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The Christmas Star of Heswall - and everywhere else for that matter

Posted: 24.12.21 by Mark Gorton Local Features

About this time last year skywatchers were able to see an astronomical phenomenon that may have been the same one that inspired the journey of the Mag...

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Were you or friends or family there? Charming film of Heswall Silver Jubilee in 1977

Posted: 23.12.21 by Mark Gorton Local Features

After two years of a pandemic and staring into a future riddled with doubt, it's not as easy as it was to imagine a time when a small town like He...

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Yasmin Limbert on how to rustle up a Christmas Mince Slice

Posted: 12.12.21 by Yasmin Limbert Local Features

Another simple and tasty Christmas recipe from the GBBO's Yasmin Limbert. Mince Pie Slice This is a great alternative to mince...

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Our Motors writer Ginny Buckley on the electrified British 4x4 set to take on the world

Posted: 11.12.21 by Ginny Buckley Local Features

A British firm led by a former a Ferrari and McLaren F1 engineer has developed a new electric off-roader designed for use in the world’s most ch...

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Heswall Sanatorium: Back in Time for Treatment

Posted: 11.12.21 by Mark Gorton Local Features

Old pictures of the Cleaver Sanatorium in Heswall are a reminder that we are no strangers to a pandemic. In 1902, when the hospital was opened than...

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REVIEW: the Teach Rex Velociraptor Show at Heswall Hall

Posted: 06.12.21 by Mark Gorton Local Features

Yesterday Heswall Hall was invaded by human families and dinosaurs as Teach Rex staged the entertaining and informative Velociraptor show with which i...

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