Controversial planning application to demolish 22 Farr Hall Drive, Heswall, and replace it with apartments is stalled by ‘people power’

  Posted: 14.01.22 at 08:41 by Mark Gorton

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On Monday we reported that Wirral Borough Council’s planning committee looked set to approve a planning application proposing the demolition of a thatched cottage on Farr Hall Drive so it could be replaced with a two and three storey development comprising six flats.

The century-old cottage sits on the unadopted road and bridleway that is Farr Hall Drive, and was described in a petition mourning its potential loss - that attracted 298 signatures - as a “locally loved landmark”.

The application, having been knocked back once by planning officers and revised by the hopeful developers, was originally on the agenda for Wednesday’s meeting of the planning committee, and supported by a recommendation that the councillors sitting on it should give the scheme a green light.

However, the application was not considered.

Local resident Louise McGuirk told Heswall Nub News: “As a direct neighbour to the proposal and lead petitioner, I am pleased to say that with people power, and the help of Heswall councillor, Andrew Hodson, it was agreed that the application should be removed from the agenda for this month.

“After the application was invalidated by the case officer, neighbours and objectors were not given the correct amount of time to respond following its re-validation.

“Neighbours, residents, anyone, have 21 days to provide further comments or objections to the council.

How the flats development might look

“We live to fight another day!”

Farr Hall Drive and the building of flats is a burning issue for many residents in the immediate area. The demolition and replacement of number 22 is not the only development there that has been mooted.

The Farr Hall Drive Residents’ Group argues that: “We are absolutely against redevelopments with flats because the bridleway infrastructure, including drains, cannot cope with the current housing levels.

"We need the planning process to keep heeding the danger to children, the damage to the surface, and flooding.”

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